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Contains news about things a-happenin' at FINE GAMES for Players & Collectors: updates of significant events including major game releases, special sales we offer, games going/gone out-of-print, and other breaking news.

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Fine Games 25th & Possibly FINAL Annual Clearance Sale
Fine Games' 25th Annual Clearance Sale is available now thru Tues, 20 December.

This is intended to be our biggest & best such sale, offering up over 1,000 games, magazines, mag-games, odds & ends & more. Each has a great price; most have liquidation prices not seen elsewhere ever.

It may also be our last. So don't miss it.

If you like Munchkin promo cards & bookmark stuff, you can get two such items for FREE with each item purchased for $1 or more elsewhere in the catalog.

This sale ends after Tuesday, 20 December. Procrastenators take note.

Our last shipping day of 2022 will be Friday, 23 Dec.
Published: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 22:28:08 GMT
Our 10th Retirement Sale, Available NOW! past tense, sorry
Fine Games 10th Retirement Sale is available NOW. This sale offers up basically all of our remaining magazine-onlys & game-onlys. 544 items all at liquidation prices.

This sale expires after Friday, 18 November. So if you're swift you've got well over 3 weeks to tend to business.

Note that this sale includes basically our ENTIRE remaining inventory of magazine-onlys. There will be no more. So if you're interested in these things from 60-some years of wargaming, get 'em while they're available.

You MUST be a subscriber to participate in this sale and our upcoming Annual Clearance Sale. So email us to subscribe.
Published: Tue, 25 Oct 2022 21:57:02 GMT
Our 9th Retirement Liquidation Sale - on now !
Our 9th Retirement Liquidation Sale is available to you NOW, and continues until Labor Day, 5 Sept. See the Retirement Page

This sale focuses on 150 items we want GONE! They include items banned by Amazon (for covering current events or the American Civil War), cosmetically dinged items, magazines we have a lifetime supply of, and more. All at really great, as in very low, prices.

This sales is part of a multi-year glide path aimed at finding good homes for our remaining 3,000 games, mags & parts. Once that is done, I'll be FREE!
Published: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 16:22:17 GMT
30 Years ! A long, strange trip
Fine Games celebrates its 30th year in business today, April 1st -- April Fools. But this is no joke.

It has been a long, rather strange trip.
Published: Fri, 01 Apr 2022 21:06:16 GMT
Decision Games Imposes HUGE Price Increase on Mags & Some Games
Decision Games imposes perhaps the largest set of price increases we've ever seen in 30 years in business. In general, increases of 25% are the rule rather than the exception. Magazines published in the last 2-4 years are now $49.99 list where they were $39.99. The increase impacts many of their larger boxed games as well. And they broke their past practice of not increasing prices of previously published mag prices.

We are still processing all the changes, and the increase will be reflected in our own asking prices shortly. This is necessary as we now carry only 1 or 2 copies of most issue. We apologize for the price shock you may experience.

We no longer buy directly from Decision Games; they divorced us because we complained about all the damaged goods they were delivering to us. So we haven't asked about WHY they made such a massive change. But we can speculate that their prices rose sharply as they began printing some of their components in China, so they were caught with their pants down like many others.

But we also read this as suggesting that their business may be in a bit of trouble, and they have overreacted (badly). We say badly as they are suggesting that their products are of far more value to game buyers than competing games from MMP, Compass and GMT especially. And that just ain't so.
Published: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 03:00:24 GMT
Fine Games 6th Retirement Sale
The 6th of Fine Games' Retirement Liquidation Sale is available from 15 to 23 December.

This sale offers 150 magazine-games & boardgames offered a prices below our own cost, so we're pretty sure they are better than anything you've seen from any game company.

Check it out on our Retirement landing page at www.FineGames.com/retirement.htm

The sale expires once the last package ships on the 24th. Period.
Published: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 01:51:53 GMT
Fine Games' 2021 Annual Clearance Sale
Fine Games' beloved Annual Clearance Sale begins Tues, 9 Nov. This is the one that our customers look forward to, and bug us about when it's going to start, each year.

This year's Annual Clearance Sale brings back the Buy-X-Get-Y format while still allowing you to buy individual items at special clearance prices. Your choice how you wish to buy.

But we figure you can save up to 46% off of our already discounted normal prices. At its best, you buy 7 items but you get 8 more games FREE! Sweet.

We suggest you act fast. Many of the best items are available at a quantity of only 1 (esp in what you'll see is Category 1), and people jump on this in the first few days.
Published: Mon, 08 Nov 2021 01:06:24 GMT
Fine Games' 5th Retirement Liquidation Sale
After a lengthy series of summer vacations, we are finally ready to focus on our fifth Retirement Liquidation Sale. These sales are designed to find good homes for our game & mag inventory we have too many of to sell in the time we intend to remain in business.

In this fifth, Get 'em Gone II sale, we lower our prices across the board, making the 700 items offered especially attractive.

See our Retirement Sale landing page using the link above to download the catalog.

Available thru Halloween, then poof, these great deals disappear.
Published: Tue, 05 Oct 2021 21:38:59 GMT
Fine Games' third Retirement Sale - Boxed Games
We announced our third Retirement Liquidation Sale earlier this week. This one focuses on 350 boxed games needing a new home, each with an especially attractive price.

This sale runs thru the month of April, expiring after May Day. Mark your calendars you procrastanators!

All our subscribers received prompt notice by email as soon as it become available. You can subscribe too to become eligible for this & future sales by sending your full name, address, phone & email to us at our email, M.Dean@FineGames.com.
Published: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 15:56:49 GMT
Happy 29th Birthday to Fine Games
Fine Games was formalized as a business 29 years ago today. Happy birthday to us !

And it was no coincidence that it was on April Fools Day. No, not at all!
Published: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 15:52:04 GMT
Our 2nd Retirement Liquidation Sale - thru St Pat's
Fine Games' second Retirement Liquidation Sale began today (10 Feb) and continues for 5 weeks till St Patrick's Day (17 March). One would think that would give everyone plenty of time, but the procrastinators will always procrastinate to the last minute.

Anyway, this sale focuses on 600 unboxed games, either stand alone games (e.g. folios) or magazine-issue games (with or without the magazine). Each with a great price. These are all items that we have more than we can possibly sell in 1-2 years time.

Just click the link above which takes you to our Retirement Sale landing page

With this sale, you'll have many opportunities to earn FREE! goodies ranging from a copy of S&T #86 with Cedar Mountain new, many issues of the AH General and other magazines, and promotional Munchkin cards.
Published: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 04:19:45 GMT
Core ASL Module Back in Print - For King & Country
For King & Country, the massive British Commonwealth module for ASL Advanced Squad Leader (the successor to West of Alamein) is back in print! These core modules tend to last only a couple of years, so we suggest you fit it into your budge soon. $96 in stock.

Also, over the last 3 months, MMP has published Action Pack #15 (currently OoP already), Starter Kit Expansion #1 3rd, and Winter Offensive 2021 (to be available early March)
Published: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 04:25:06 GMT
Annual Clearance Sale...Available NOW thru 30 Nov
Fine Games's Annual Clearance Sale is available NOW! Be sure to subscribe now to receive timely notice of this huge sale.

We notify all our subscribers by email whenever we offer a sale. And only subscribers can participate in our sales.

This year's Annual Clearance Sale is be our biggest ever, with about a third of our entire inventory on sale at very special prices, initially over 1050 items included all at very special prices.

Subscribe by simply emailing us with your full contact info -- name, home address, phone # and email -- and we'll sign you up.

You'll then also receive notice of our series of Retirement Liquidation Sales in the coming year.
Published: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 18:39:11 GMT
Ready for Retirement? Our (Pre-) Retirement Liquidation Sales
Ready for retirement? OUR retirement?

It isn't time yet, but it is above the horizon. And we are actively planning for it. Doing what *I* want 24/7.

But first we have to find homes for as many of our 9,000 items in stock as humanly possible. Can't spend an entire career preserving and selling these fine games and then dump them in a trash bin, can we?

So, while our first Retirement Liquidation Sale hasn't quite been announced, it is ready for a sneak peek if you don't mind some rough edges. Together with an astounding offer.

We offer liquidation prices on 502 magazines, and with each one your purchase at liquidation pricing you can select another mag from a sub-set for FREE! Basically 2 for 1, all at liquidation pricing.

Oh, and if you want a parts game box, for FREE!, we can do that too!
Published: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 04:06:54 GMT
New Game Releases in Last Year
View our catalog of games release in the last year. Despite COVIC, there have been quite a few good ones, including several by MMP, lots & lots by GMT, and the usual by Decision Games.
Published: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 04:01:32 GMT
Updated: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 16:31:08 GMT
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